— Man 44 arrested for possessing suspected theft

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Man 44 arrested for possessing suspected theft


ZANIS, Kalabo, November 20, 2014, ZANIS —- Police in Kalabo have arrested a 44-year-old man of Muchatanga village in Chief Kaongolo area for being in possession of various goods worth thousands of kwacha believed to have been stolen.



Mafalo Silowa 44 is allegedly to been buying stolen items from criminals in the district which he later piles up at a house in Kashitu compound for unknown purposes.



School chairs and desks, motor vehicle accessories, and various household goods are among the items suspected to have been stolen from members of the public.



ZANIS reports that Kalabo police Officer-In-Charge Kim Masambo who confirmed the development in an interview today.


He disclosed that the suspect was picked yesterday after a tip off from members of the public and is in police custody.



Mr Masambo explained that the suspect was buying stolen items from criminals knowingly.


He has since been charged with being in possession with items believed to have been stolen which he said was contrary to the laws of Zambia.



He has since appealed to members of the public that were missing property to go to the police station for identification.



Mr Masambo said one man had already identified his missing items.