What does HH and TEAM offer to ZAMBIA?

Mr and Mrs Hichilema
Mr and Mrs Hichilema

What does HH and TEAM offer to ZAMBIA?

i. Economic Management :-

HH has proved that he is a prudent manager both at corporate level and individual level. He therefore brings confidence into the economy that will ensure that Zambia becomes an investment decision anchored on a sound fiscal and monetary policy. He is a firm believer of liberalism and mixed market economics. HH is aware of the importance of international relations, HH brings with him strategic visioning and international relations in both the public and private sector experience. He understands the importance of promoting entrepreneurship as a catalyst for economic development. He sums this up by a simple maxim “you cannot share poverty.”

ii. Social Service Delivery:

HH is a firm believer of a mixed system of Government where private sector is let to run its own affairs while Government provides regulatory environment and focus on provision of social services such as health, water and sanitation, education and other social services. HH and team believes that Education is the best equaliser and an investment as opposed to an expenditure, this recognition of the importance of education puts HH on a scale higher above the rest.

iii. Food Security and Agriculture:


HH is a farmer. He therefore fully understands the challenges of food production, agribusiness linkages that can create sustainable jobs to many youths graduating every six months and food security. HH does knows and believes that Zambia can feed the region or even Africa as whole. With over 60% of the country’s land being arable, HH does understand how to make Zambia a self-reliant and self-sufficient country.
iv. A community worker: HH has proved that he is a unifier. HH has provided support to communities through the provision of clean water by sinking boreholes e. g Kalikiliki borehole, provided school desks to community schools in Katuba, Mwembeshi among many places, provided farming support through his cattle projects to numerous women groups in western, southern, eastern, northern provinces etc.He built a clinic in Bweengwa.He Has helped various individuals that require expatriate medical treatment abroad. He supports many orphans through primary, secondary and university education, supported families during disasters and he still continues in his community service. He has a heart for the people and he knows what suffering is.He grew up in a village, walked to school and knows the difficulties people go through.
A fresh start for Zambia is what HH and his Team brings to this country.

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