God will give Zambia a transformative leader – Bishop Mambo

Bishop John Mambo
Bishop John Mambo

Former Church of God overseer Bishop John Mambo says God is about to give Zambians a leader who will transform the country such that Zambia will never be the same again.

Bishop Mambo says God is in charge of Zambia and is with the people of Zambia.

He however notes that this will require the people of Zambia not to be stubborn, but humble themselves before the creator and listen to what he is saying.

Bishop Mambo says Zambia will not be the same again because the country will change for the better.

He says God will give the country a leader who will be able to transform the country economically, look at the plight of the poor and be able to deal with the current sufferings of the people.

Bishop Mambo adds that with the new leader that God is about to give the country, Zambia will stand out to be an oasis of peace in the SADC region.

Bishop Mambo says this jubilee year is a year of change for Zambia stressing that God had a plan for the country.

Meanwhile Bishop Mambo has expressed disappointment with the wrangles in some political parties with regards the election of their respective presidential candidates for the forthcoming presidential by-election.

He says Zambians should assess the political parties and judge if their behavior is worth being voted for in the upcoming election.