— RATSA urged to intensify patrols

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RATSA urged to intensify patrols


Kasama, November 18th, 2014, ZANIS – A concerned resident in Kasama District has called on the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RATSA) to intensify patrols to reduce on the number of road traffic accidents in the country. 



66 year old Lazarous Simpemba of Kamuzwazi village in Mbala district told ZANIS  in an interview in Kasama today that RATSA should strengthened its patrols in order to bring sanity on the roads.



The call comes in a wake of the Mbala fatal accident which claimed 27 lives on the Mbala – Nakonde road over the weekend due to overloading.



Mr. Simpemba also called on RATSA to start revoking licenses of perpetual offenders and goods transporters involved in ferrying passengers to avoid road traffic accidents.



He said the accident could have been avoided if the driver restricted himself to the trading license of carrying designated goods and not people.



Mr. Simpemba observed that it was common on many roads to see Lorries which are supposed to carry goods bundle people on top of the goods.



He said the law should be stiffened for all those contravening the traffic rules especially drivers who cause accidents by dangerous driving in order to deter would be offenders.



A truck laden with over 90 people overturned along the Mbala- Nakonde road killing 27 people including 10 babies.