Lusambo to annihilate MMD if Nevers is sidelined

MMD Die Hard Youth Wing National Coordinator Bowman Lusambo
MMD Die Hard Youth Wing National Coordinator Bowman Lusambo

MMD youths have warned that failure to adopt party President Nevers Mumba as presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential election will mark the extinction of the former ruling party.

MMD Die-Hard Nation Youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo in a statement made available to QFM News says as youths in the party, they will work to annihilate the MMD if Dr Mumba is not given the adoption ticket.

Mr Lusambo says it is shocking that some members of the National Executive Committee have elected to support the candidature of former President Rupiah Banda to stand on the MMD ticket.

Mr Lusambo says the return of Mr Banda to politics is bad business for Zambia.

He states that this is retrogressive and only goes to serve personal and selfish interests.

Mr Lusambo says the youths will not sit and watch the MMD be dragged in ancient form of politics by a small group interested in serving its own selfish interests.

He points out that Dr Mumba has made several personal sacrifices to ensure that the MMD stays afloat, adding that he has used his strong leadership skills to make the MMD attractive once more.

He states that the majority of those supporting Mr Banda abandoned the MMD, and are now regrouping because they know they will milk some money from him.

Mr Lusambo has vowed to ensure that the MMD is dead and buried in the annals of Zambia’s political history if Dr Mumba is sidelined.

He has further accused Mr Banda of greediness and being a destructive old man who does not deserve any form of respect.




  1. But why can MMD come to that level after Nevers has been at the helm for that long? Some thinking can really go wrong! The guy lost what makes him think he will win? What’s wrong with Nevers?