UNEP advises Zambia to adopt a programmatic approach to combat climate change

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—-The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) says Zambia needs to adopt a programmatic approach in combating climate change issues particularly in areas that affect agricultural production in order to ensure food security in the country.


UNEP Representative Ecosystem Based Adaptation Programme (EBA) Regional Coordinator, Richard Munang, said the implementation of the EBA PROGRAMME will benefit local Zambians in uplifting their livelihoods while building resilience to the natural resource integrity.


Dr Munang said the EBA PROGRAMME will use an approach which will be providing a quick, short-term, demand-driven, targeted and flexible technical and financial assistance in responding to nationally-defined needs and priorities in addressing food security.


He said in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today that UNEP will continue working proactively to address climate change challenges by aligning adaptation activities with nationally-driven development priorities.


Dr Munang stated that this will ensure that the programme delivers development benefits and food security to the poor under a changed climate. 


He noted that Climate Change hazards impacts negatively on communities across the globe and poses a real and significant threat to ecosystems including biodiversity which can provide opportunities to the poorest communities.


He further stated that without managing climate change impacts and human induced stresses, the ecosystems may be potentially pushed beyond a “tipping point”.