“Not true that Central Committee has adopted Lungu” – Dr Scott

Guy Scott - Sata
Guy Scott - Sata

Acting President Guy SCott says it is NOT true that the PF Central Committee has agreed to adopt PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu as the party’s presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential election.

Dr. Scott says he will ensure that democracy is preserved in the PF by going ahead with tomorrow’s Central Committee meeting which will discuss modalities on how to run the General Conference to elect party’s the PF presidential candidate.

He told ZNBC news in an interview that party is guided by its constitution on how to proceed on such matters.


Dr. scott says the party constitution empowers him to steer the process.

He says any other maneuvers are simply making it difficult to move the process forward.

Dr. Scott has maintained that the General Conference is what is stipulated in the party constitution and must be followed as an example set by the late President Michael Sata who in 2011 refused to be endorsed by anyone in preference to the Electoral College.

And Dr Scott has questioned the motive and legitimacy of opposition UPND and MMD MPs endorsing PF Secretary General Edgra Lungu.

Meanwhile, Dr. Scott says the meeting will not proceed today if what he has termed as imported cadres are not removed from Blue Nile Hotel and another lodge he has not named.


He has since urged all party members to unite because there are many people interested in contesting for the Presidency in the PF and must be accorded an opportunity to participate in a democratic process through a General Conference and not a Central Committee.



  1. How dare people think scot doesn’t deserve to be acting president? He worked hard and he will leave office without plundering the Gov resources like these hungry power hyenas who want the power to plunder as usual!

  2. Africans like racism,regionalism,etc. Let Scort be president,u will enjoy as u enjoyed with Kenneth Kaunda