NEC did not adopt Mumba – Lungu

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–Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary, Muhabi Lungu, has dispelled media reports that the National Executive Committee (NEC) has unanimously adopted MMD president, Nevers Mumba as its candidate for the upcoming presidential by-election.


In a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Lungu said this is not the correct position that was taken by the National Executive Committee.


Mr Lungu said it is highly dishonest for anyone to communicate to the media on a non-resolution or any subject matter discussed for which they were not authorised.


He said the NEC did not mandate anyone to communicate to the media about its discussion or the direction that it gave.


Mr Lungu said as Secretary to the NEC he did not issue or authorize any individual to issue any statement on behalf of the party.

He said the statement that has been issued purporting to be emanating from the MMD Secretariat is, therefore, false, dishonest and intended to disrupt the direction given by the NEC.


Mr Lungu has since urged the media to disregard all statements about decisions made by NEC unless they emanate from the office of the National Secretary.