GBM favors PF convention

Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF
Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF

Former defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has expressed disappointment at the continued wrangles and debate that have rocked ruling PF.

Mr. Mwamba who is also Kasama Member of Parliament says the debate and wrangles in the party are unacceptable and goes against the vision and legacy of the departed president Michael Sata.

Mr. Mwamba notes that the only recognized part organ that can elect a presidential candidate is the PF convention citing that party constitution is very clear on such matters and it should be followed to the later.

He adds that there is a reason why the party decided that a party presidential candidate is elected by the popular majority instead of  being selected by few in the central committee.

Mr. Mwamba has called on all meaning structures and organs of the party to respect the party constitution as modalities are being made for the holding of the national convention.

He has also called for peace and unity which the country has enjoyed over the years adding that any chaos in the pf has the potential to spill-over to the rest of the country.

Mr. Mwamba has further encouraged all pf members and all Zambians in general to support the acting party and national president guy Scott stressing that Dr Scott must be supported and defended from turncoats and opportunists who have suddenly sprung up in our midst.







(1) The President of the Party shall be elected at the General Conference of the Party.

(2) A candidate shall indicate to the Secretary-General of the Party his intention to stand for the
Office of the President of the Party not less than one day before the date of the General Conference.

(4) The Secretary General of the Party shall submit the name or names of the candidates of the
Central Committee for consideration and where there is more than one candidate the Central Committee
may indicate support for one of the candidates.

(5) The Central Committee shall submit the name of the candidate or candidates to the National
Council for approval or disapproval.

(6) The person whose candidature for the office is not approved by the National Council shall not be
Eligible for election at the General Conference for the office of the President of the Party.