Chitotela defends fellow MPs

Pambashe Member of Parliament Ronald Chitotela
Pambashe Member of Parliament Ronald Chitotela

Pambashe Member of Parliament Ronald Chitotela says suggestions by some media organizations that Members of Parliament endorsing PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu are defending their positions are not true.

Mr. Chitotela says the stance that the Members of Parliament have taken is not personal, but is representative of the wishes of the people in their constituencies.

He says the Members of Parliament want the will of President Michael Sata to prevail, stating that loyalty should be there even in death.


He adds that the people of Luapula province do not want to be part of the irresponsibility to destabilize the Patriotic Front but wants peace to continue prevailing in the party.

Mr. Chitotela says Chiefs in Luapula are angered that some members of the party are showing disrespect to President Sata.




  1. When did you go to your constituencies to find out from the electorates? Even ELDERS from the RESPECTED SDA churches are now liars. VERY STUPID indeed

  2. This is zambia we hav reachd an advancd stage democracy is prevailin adoption is not de solution. so u ar tellin me dat wen edger pass on he will apoint somone? This is a very serious matter we need the rule of law. Our late president did not own this country pliz and it took tym fo him to be believd by the zambian pipo. As Zambians we need de best out of our president, not thru sympathy plz plz.