More cops set for Chibolya Township to maintain law and order.

Police turn Chibolya their ‘home’
Police turn Chibolya their ‘home’

HOME Affairs Deputy Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said that more Police officers may be deployed in Lusaka’s notorious Chibolya Township to maintain law and order.

Mr Kampyongo said the Government was reviewing the security situation in the drug-infested township following raids by the Police and Drug-Enforcement Commission in May this year.

The joint operations resulted into the arrests of more than 300 people in connection with illegal drug business and other criminal activities.

However, that has not scared away the thugs with Sunday Times chief reporter, Sylvester Mwale, the latest to be harassed by gangsters when he recently went undercover to check on the security situation.

Mr Kampyongo said in an interview during the week that a review was currently being undertaken to establish appropriate measures to be taken.

“Following operations that have been conducted in Chibolya in the past months, we are carrying out a review on the successes and what still needs to be done,” Mr Kampyongo said.

“Should it be established that lawlessness in the area has continued we will deploy more officers.”

The minister said the situation in Chibolya had been allowed to degenerate over time but the Government would not allow lawlessness and unruliness to continue.

Mr Kampyongo noted that it would take time for sanity to be restored in Chibolya because the current situation in the area had been allowed to continue for a long time.

“What is happening in Chibolya is as a result of what was allowed to go on for a long time and that being the case, sanity will not be restored today or tomorrow but certainly it will be restored,” he said.

Mr Kampyongo warned those still involved in criminal activities to do so at their own peril, stating that those found wanting would face the wrath of the law.

The minister, however, assured law-abiding citizens in the area that they would be protected.


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