Miles Sampa declares PF candidacy, accuses Dr Katema

Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa says suggestions that late President Michael Sata anointed a successor are shameful and has challenged anyone with such claims to produce a letter from the president to that effect.

Announcing his candidature for the PF presidency during a media briefing this morning, Mr Sampa who is also Commerce Deputy Minister says he will contest for the PF presidency at the party’s general conference.

Mr Sampa says it is his Democratic right to contest for the presidency and that people should respect his decision to do so.


Mr. Sampa has also encouraged other PF members wishing to contest the party presidency not to be intimidated, but do so without fear and allow the people decide who they want at the convention.

He says people should not put words in the late president’s mouth because he is not here to confirm that he anointed anyone, stressing that such behavior is the reason why President Sata called some of the Ministers useless.

And Mr. Sampa has accused Chief Government Spokesperson Dr. Joseph Katema of only being active to speak out after President Sata has died.

He says when the President was alive, Dr. Katema never used to speak out especially on succession issues.

Mr Sampa has since stated that the PF is there to stay and that he will not sit idle and let the party be hijacked by a few people he referred to as mafias.

Meanwhile Patriotic Front youths calling themselves grassroots youths have endorsed the candidature of Matero Member of Parliament and Commerce deputy Minister Miles Sampa for the PF presidency.

The youths who spoke through their Spokesperson Dominic Kaonda in a walk-in interview with QFM News say Mr Sampa has transformed Matero into a modern residential area and that they are confident that he will be able to replicate the development throughout the country if elected president.