Civil servants advised not to engage in politics

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Civil servants advised not to engage in politics


Kabwe, November 14, ZANIS—Civil servants in Central province have been advised to concentrate on their role of delivering development and not to start politicking in view of the forthcoming presidential by-election.


Provincial Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale told heads of government departments in Kabwe today that it would be wrong for any government worker to indulge into active politics now.


Ms. Mutale said while each person was entitled to their own choice of political parties, engaging in politics as civil servants would not be proper.


She said civil servants were expected to carry on the vision of the government in power and ensure that all the plans laid down were carried as expected because they were meant to ease the challenges the people of Zambia were facing.


She explained that the passion which some civil servants have for politics should be exercised during voting when they can choose a leader of their choice.


Ms. Mutale also warned civil servants to be careful with what they say and where the say certain things because they may be misquoted.