Mitete district hopeful for more development


By Pamela Inambao

As the country continues to mourn the late President Michael Sata, the people of Mitete district are not left out in grieving the 77-year-old leader who died on October 28 in London and was buried on 11 November in Lusaka.

The late President has been described as a man who had the passion to develope the nation especially those in the rural areas of Zambia.

Mitete district is among the newly created districts in Western province that were created in 2013 by the late President Michael Chilufya Sata.

This was done in order to bring development closer to the people especially those in rural areas like Mitete district. It was also a way forward that he had envisioned towards decentralization.

Eighty Seven (87) year old Michael Kamukole is a senior resident in the area who has lived in Mitete since his childhood and describes the late President Sata as a man of action who had a mission of developing the country and Mitete district in particular.

Mr. Kamukole says in the last three years that the Patriotic Front (PF) government has been in power the people of Mitete district have benefited a lot in terms of development.

He says in the education sector, the district has benefited from the construction of new infrastructure including Mitete Boarding School which is currently under way and that so far 12 staff houses were at slab level.

“It is the first boarding school in the district”, said a proud Mr Kamukole.

He added that the two years’ project once completed will help not only the school going children but  their parents as well who have been spending a lot of money to send the children to schools located outside the district in order for them to get an education.

He said school going children have been walking long distances from Mitete to Lukulu district for secondary school education which he described as a heavy financial burden to the parents.

”In Health sector,  the district has also benefited from the 650 health posts to be constructed country wide where six (6)  will be built in different wards of  Mitete ”, he said.

Mr Kamukole says the people of Mitete district were impressed with all the developmental projects that have since taken place in the area saying they were looking forward to further development despite the death of President Sata who declared it a district in order to take development close to the people.

And Mitete District Commissioner Teddy Chimbinde said he was happy to note that people in the area appreciated the work done by the Patriotic Front Government in the last three years adding that the mobile telecommunications tower that had been under construction has now been completed.

He said once ZICTA finalized the mobile networks installation the district will be connected to the rest of the country and beyond borders to enable people have access to communication.

Mr. Chimbinde added that six projects have also been approved in the district saying among them were the administration office block, district council offices and the Chamber, the Police Post and the Post Office. He mentioned the other projects  earmarked for the district include high, medium and low cost houses for officers that have been deployed in the area adding that the contractor will be on site.

The District Commissioner added that the Patriotic Front Government will continue spearheading all  projects in the district in order for the district to be developed.

Mitete District has for many years remained underdeveloped and now people like the 87-year- old  Mr. Kamungole says he has hope for his children and the people of the area as they face the future with renewed hope for a better life.