Political leaders advised to emulate Sata

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Political leaders advised to emulate Sata

Isoka, November 13, 2014, ZANIS–Two  traditional  leaders in Isoka district of Muchinga province have passionately appealed to  political leaders in both the ruling Patriotic Front ( PF) and the opposition to emulate the late president  Michael Sata’s  developmental strides.

Senior chief Kafwimbi  of the Namwanga speaking people and Chief Katyeteye of  the Tambo  in Isoka said  the late President Sata’s style  of leadership was the right way to go.

They told ZANIS in two separate interviews at their palaces that  for Zambia to  go forward  it called for a leader that has heart for the poor .

Chief Kafwimbi explained that Zambia being a democratic state it meant that citizens themselves  needed to work had by voting to power a suitable candidate who would not segregate the citizens.

He said Zambia as a unitary  state required  leaders who  were visionary and who could carry the late President Sata’s development strids forward.

Chief Kafwimbi noted that some of the feasible projects taking place in his chiefdom such as the electrification of the palace, drilling of boreholes  and road constructions in Isoka as just some of the many  projects initiated by Mr sata that were currently underway.

Meanwhile, Chief Katyeteye has  appealed to  his subjects to use the  constitutional right of  voting a new Republican President into power as was the trend in the country.

The traditional ruler said it was therefore the duty for every Zambian of voting age to ensure that  a suitable  presidential candidate was elected in the forth-coming Presidential by-election following the death of President Michael on October 28.

President Sata was buried at the Presidential burial site at Embassy park in Lusaka on November 11, 2014 in a State funeral that was televised live country-wide.