Motorists commend LCC for $ 600 street light project

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Motorists commend LCC for $ 600 street light project


Namonje, November, 13, ZANIS—Motorists have applauded the Lusaka City Council (LCC) for embarking on a $600,000 street light project.


Zambia Association of Motorist (ZAM) president Haggai Mambwe said the issue of street lights had been a major concern to the motorist for a long time.


In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Mambwe noted that there was need to extend the project to other parts of the country for the benefit of other road users.


Meanwhile, Mr Mambwe has called on the council to work on some traffic lights in Lusaka in order to avoid congestion by motorists.


He cited Lumuba, Cairo and Los Angeles as some of the roads pausing challenges to motorists because of the traffic lights that are not functioning well.


And the Public and Private Drivers Association of Zambia has said the move by LCC to install street lights is long overdue.


Association president Josiah Majuru said the project should have been embarked on way back considering that the number of vehicles on the roads was increasing with the growing population.


Mr Majuru however noted that the success of the project will help curb the criminal activities that occur in the night.


He added that erecting street lights will enhance business activities considering that maximum security will be guaranteed for taxi drivers and their clients.


LCC announced that it will spend $600,000 to install street lights on the major roads in Lusaka in order to make the roads safer especially at night.


Some areas to benefit from the street lighting project include Kabulonga, Mandevu, Chaisa, Mandahill and Chilenje.