Round 2 Lukulu child health week on this month end

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Round 2 Lukulu child health week on this month end

Lukulu, November 12, ZANIS — Lukulu District hospital has announced that the second round of child health week for children below the age of five will run from the 24th to 29th November, 2014.

Lukulu District Hospital Health Promotion Officer Mark Mutozi told ZANIS in an interview today that preparations were progress well.

Mr. Mutozi said logistics for the child health week were expected to be in the district by the end of this week.

He said the targeted children will be given vitamin-A supplement which improves sight immune system as well as deworming, which is aimed at fighting malnutrition.

He further said the annual immunization was very important for the growth of children.

Mr. Mutozi added that the child health week for this month provides an opportunity to children who missed other routine immunization activities.

He disclosed that the district scored 100 percent during the first around of child health week in July 2014 and has since encouraged parents and guardians to take their children to the nearest health centres during the stated dates.

He further said that Mitete district will start its programme earlier than Lukulu district for fear of floods by November 24, 2014.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mutozi has disclosed that the hospital mortuary fridges, which were not working a few weeks ago, are now in good condition and working perfectly.

He attributed the delay to work on the fridges to none specialized technicians in Lukulu district.