Govt. pledges commitment to improving delivery of health services in communities

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Government has reiterated its commitment to improving health service delivery in the communities.


Community Development, Mother and Child Health Minister Emerine Kabanshi said some clinics in Lusaka have been earmarked for upgrading to first level hospitals in order to deliver health services closer to the people.


Ms. Kabanshi said Chipata clinic was the first to be upgraded and that works at Chawama clinic were already underway to turn it to a first level hospital.


She disclosed that the theatre was currently being constructed at Chipata clinic and that once all the expansion works were completed recruitment of health personnel would be conducted for the health institution to be fully operational.


Ms. Kabanshi told ZANIS in interview in Lusaka today that other clinics to be upgraded include Kabwata, Chelstone, and Kanyama.


She said the upgrading of clinics to first level hospitals was also meant to help decongest the number of referrals cases at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka.


And Ms. Kabanshi has urged the public to uphold health precautions such as sleeping under mosquito nets and washing hands regularly.


She said government needs concerted efforts from the members of the public to help curb preventable diseases in communities.