Adulterous anti-robbery Lusaka police officer gets a beating

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested a 38-year-old man of Kabanana compound for beating up an anti-robbery police officer whom he allegedly caught having sex with his wife. James Kabanda is in custody at Emmasdale Police Station for assaulting a Mr Kapenda.  In an interview, Kabanda narrated how he returned home unannounced from Kabwe, where he had been working.

“I got home from Kabwe around 18:00 hours but my wife, Sarah Lukoshi, was not home. I decided to call her and when she picked up, I couldn’t hear her [voice] because there was too much noise where she was,” he said. Kabanda narrated that he took a taxi to look for his wife at a nearby bar, and that after moments of surveillance, he saw her drive away in the company of a man he could not recognise. “It’s like they drove to another nightclub known as Kagonda near Zanimuone hotel. As they walked out of the nightclub, my taxi driver recognised the man as Kapenda and told me that he was in the police flying squad.” Kabanda said after 02:00 hours, the two drove to his compound, where they parked near his house.

“My taxi driver decided to leave me at that point because he was scared of the officer, so I walked home and found the car parked just outside my yard. I went straight to open the door and found them having sex,” he said. Kabanda said his wife escaped the intrusion, leaving Kapenda behind. “When the officer realised that I was the husband of the woman, he pulled out his gun and attempted to shoot me. In self-defence, I gave him a serious punch in the face,” he narrated. Kabanda said when Kapenda sensed defeat, he bolted, leaving behind his gun, car keys and work identity card. “So I got the gun, car keys and his ID and surrendered them at the police station, where a docket was opened. The police asked me to accompany them to the scene and later commended me for doing a good job,” he said.

Kabanda said he was, however, shocked to get a police call-out from Emmasdale, where he was arrested and charged for assaulting Kapenda And Kabanda’s said the police officer mistook her for a prostitute. Lukoshi said she had also gone to the bar to look for her husband. “I had gone to look for my husband because I thought he had gone to meet up with a girl. That is when I met Mr Kapenda, who decided to offer me a lift, but instead of taking me home, he decided to take me to Kagonda nightclub, where he started buying me beer  because he thought I was a prostitute, but I refused,” she explained.

And Kapenda, who resides in Emmasdale police camp, denied having any love affair with Lukoshi. “Apa (right now) I am not feeling well, I am resting. If you want to see me, it’s better you see the one who is dealing with this case and they are going to explain what exactly transpired,” he said. Kapenda, whose first name has not been established, referred all queries to the chief investigations officer at Emmasdale. – See more at:

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  1. My advice 2 Kabanda;ok mudala balakuteya nga tauchenjele.i thnk u shud engage a lawyer 2help u in ths case.u know ni pa zed pano, nga walisunga imfuti,ID nd car keys as evidence.u shud hv sought legal advice immediately b4 surendering thoz thngs 2 the police nd w@ ever statement they gave wz a lie. nabomfwana kale ifyakulanda.engange a lawyer.