DC sobs as Luampa district mourns Sata

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Luampa District Commissioner Alfred Miyato today wept during the interdenominational church service held in the district in honour of the late President Michael Sata.

It was a solemn day in Luampa district today as people from all walks of life put aside their commitments to mourn the late President Sata at Evangelical Church in Zambia (ECZ).

Choirs from different churches in Luampa composed songs in honour of Mr. Sata who died on 28 October 2014.

Mr. Miyato said the people of Luampa were heartbroken as they have lost the man who was committed to develop the area.

He described the late Mr. Sata as a man of the poor whose commitment to uplift the living standard of the underprivileged will not be forgotten.

"This leader we are escorting to Embassy Park tomorrow will remain in Zambian history as a great man who has not used his position to exploit the poor," Mr. Miyato said

He said in an effort to improve service delivery to the poor people, the late Mr. Sata created nine districts, including Luampa in Western Province.

"When a leader dies, we have to be extremely careful to select a good leader to replace him. Let me also echo Mr. Sata’s words during his rallies, ‘do not cry for me but cry for yourselves,’ these words should help us to select a new leader who will bring development in our lives," Mr. Miyato said

A book of condolences has since been opened at the district administration’s office for members of the public to write messages of condolences and sign in memory of the late President.

A tent has also been erected at the District Commissioner’s home where mourner can follow the burial programme of the late Mr. Sata tomorrow.