Bribery and corruption rocks PF’s presidential candidate selection

Lubinda, Edgar Lungu , GBM in SOlwezi
Lubinda, Edgar Lungu , GBM in SOlwezi

SOME presidential hopefuls in the Patriotic Front (PF) are engaged in bribery and corruption to secure the party’s candidacy for the presidential by-election.
PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu has since warned party presidential hopefuls against causing confusion through acts of corruption and bribery.
Mr Lungu said in a statement that it was regrettable that the party had received reports that certain candidates intending to stand as president of the party were engaging in acts of bribery and corruption.

He has since urged all PF members to refrain from actions that would dishonour the legacy of President Michael Sata and reject activities that would tarnish the image and standing of the party and the nation at large.
He warned that the leadership of the PF would not take kindly to contenders that were engaged in acts that were alien to the principles of the party.
The PF central committee would meet to discuss matters relating to the selection or election of the party president and presidential candidate that will represent the party in the upcoming by-election.
The central committee was empowered to set its own rules, or vary any clause in the constitution as provided for in Article 58 (l) and (m).

Historically, the PF had participated in four general elections. Of those, only one election was preceded by a general conference.
It was important to allow the central committee to consider those matters independently, recognising the concerns regarding time, resources, security, peace and unity of the party and nation.
The PF would hold its first central committee on Thursday, November 13, 2014.
“By the time the central committee will hold its first meeting on Thursday November 13, 2014, we will remain with about 72 days or less before the by-election is held. And it should be noted that an election can be held even much earlier,” he said.

He expressed gratitude to the thousands of Zambians that had turned up at Mulungushi International Conference Centre to view the body of the late President Michael Sata.
The party also recognised the public show of sympathy and mourning that had been seen across the country.
This is a demonstration that President Sata led with a commitment to serve the people and also his life was devoted to uplifting people’s standards of living.
Mr Lungu said it was imperative that the spirit to mourn President Sata in peace and dignity must continue until the country concludes the mourning period on Tuesday November 11, 2014.
He said the PF would always carry the vision and memories of President Sata and would ensure that his legacy was preserved.


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