Freedom Fighters urge peace and unity

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The Freedom and Democracy Fighters Association in Chibombo district says the only way Zambians could honor President Michael Sata is by maintaining peace and unity in the country.

Association Chairperson Lameck Lungu said President Sata was well known for promoting peace and unity even during the time he was in the opposition.

Mr Lungu told ZANIS in an interview today that people must therefore ensure that they do not destroy President Sata’s legacy as a peace and unity loving person by engaging in activities that promote violence in the country.

Meanwhile, Mr Lungu has described President Sata as a brave freedom fighter who contributed significantly to the country’s struggle for independence.

Mr Lungu said President Sata devoted his life as a youth to fighting for the country’s independence.

He said President Sata, being a freedom fighter himself , appreciated the sacrifices that mrmbers of the association made in the struggle for independence.

He said the President showed this appreciation by honoring many of the freedom fighters during the three years he had been Republican President.