CSAWUZ calls workers to rally behind government in mourning Sata

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——The Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) in Kalulushi has urged employees in the country to continue rallying behind government to ensure a peaceful working environment as it is the best way to remember the late President Michael Sata.

CSAWUZ Kalulushi Branch Chairperson, Terry Muyenga told ZANIS in interview today that employees should not only ensure a peaceful working environment, but should also ensure that peace continues in the country.

Mr Muyenga appealed to government to ensure that the vision of improving civil servants’ welfare which the late President had left should continue just as he appreciated the civil service as an important tool and a partner in development.

He said government should continue looking at the civil service in the same way, adding that development required consideration of all stakeholders and that it could not come about by politicians alone.

Mr Muyenga, however, said in the history of public service during President Sata’s tenure of office, the union remembers him as one person who made civil servants start getting meaningful salaries.

He said the union would also remember him as a man who believed in equity and it was during his time that employees such as Office Order lies and cleaners were remembered as human beings who deserved a good package for their livelihood.

Mr Muyenga further said the late President would be remembered for implementing the job evaluation program which saw the beginning of the process for harmonisation of salaries because in the past, there were discrepancies of salaries among government departments.