Don’t be controlled by outside forces,Mangani tells Scott

There’s a lot more to Zambia’s new president than his whiteness
There’s a lot more to Zambia’s new president than his whiteness guy scott

Former Patriotic Front Eastern Province Chairman Lameck Mangani says Vice President Guy Scott should not allow himself to be controlled by outside forces in his decision making.

Mr Mangani says Dr Scott has a choice to create confusion or to save the country from confusion.

He says Dr Scott should also avoid being vindictive by targeting to deal with certain individuals now that he has the power.

Mr Mangani has since appealed to Dr Scott to provide the necessary leadership during this critical time for the country.

He says Zambians are looking to Dr Scott to provide leadership during this transition period.

And Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda has appealed to fellow Patriotic Front Members to hold back the expression of ambitions to take over from President Michael Sata.

Mr Lubinda who was speaking on Radio Phoenix’s Let The People Talk says there is need to resist the temptation of putting the country in a campaign mood before President Michael Sata is put to rest.

He says President Sata deserves to be mourned in a dignified manner, and that politicians should provide the leadership to the rest of the country.

Mr Lubinda says if politicians are the ones who are going to be fostering bickering, rumor mongering and speculation this will set ordinary citizens in a similar mood.

And Mr Lubinda says acting President Guy Scott should remember that it all about team playing.

He says Dr Scott should be reminded that it is not about individual issues but about the nations which should be run by a team and not an individual.

Mr Lubinda has questioned the decision by Dr Scott to suspend Cabinet and Central Committee meetings during such a crucial time for the country.

Mr Lubinda wonders who is going to be making the decisions on the day to day running of the affairs of the country on many things that arise especially that life has not come to a standstill in Zambia.

He says suspending cabinet meetings amounts to suspending Cabinet itself.

And FODEP Executive Director MacDonald Chipenzi says the dismissal of Edgar Lungu as PF Secretary General should have waited until after the funeral of President Michael Sata.

Mr Chipenzi who was also speaking on Let the People Talk on Radio Phoenix says it is unZambian to start fighting before the late President is buried.

Meanwhile some senior Patriotic Front officials who include some Minister have gone to Acting President Guy Scott’s farm to discuss the dismissal of Edgar Lungu as PF Secretary General.

This was after a scheduled meeting by PF National youth Chairman Chishimba Kambwili could not take place as agreed with Dr Scott.

Dr Scott is said to have invited the Mr Kambwili and others to his farm to try and resolve the matter.

Efforts to get a comment from Dr.Scott proved futile as his mobile phone went unanswered.

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  1. Lubinda you the right man for this country. You have told the country that you are a real man. Because of the weaknesses in the constitution we will go Edie.