DEC arrests Somalian for drug trafficking

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The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has arrested a 31 year-old Somalian national for trafficking in miraa.


Mohammed Abdulle of Chaisa compound in Lusaka has been arrested for trafficking in two bundles of miraa weighing 179 grammes.


According to a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today by DEC public relations officer, Theresa Katongo, the suspect was apprehended from Lusaka’s Chaisa compound.


Ms. Katongo said other people that have been arrested and jointly charged in Lusaka province are Timothy Miti, 30, of House No. 42/18 Chawama compound and Richard Mwale, 29, a Taxi driver of the same residence for trafficking in 22 rocks of cocaine.


Ms. Katongo said the duo was apprehended near a named motel in Chawama area as they were about to transact.


And the Commission has in the last three days arrested over 70 people countrywide for unlawful cultivation and trafficking in various quantities of cannabis.


Those arrested include Bethel Chilubana, 86, a peasant farmer of Chilubano farm in Mukonchi area in Kapiri Mposhi for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 106 kilogrammes and Chrispin Nyambe Yambe, 38, a peasant farmer of Kapao village in Sesheke district for trafficking in loose cannabis weighing 11.48 kg.


Also arrested and jointly charged in Kapiri Mposhi is England Mwanza, 81, a peasant farmer of Matindi village in Mukonchi area and Shapi Zulu, 45, of the same residence for trafficking in loose cannabis weighing 6.3 kg.


On the Copperbelt, the Commission has arrested a 17 year-old male juvenile of Chiwempala Township in Chingola for trafficking in 518 grammes of loose cannabis and 613 grammes of cannabis seeds.


And in Southern province, DEC has arrested Basirio Munkanda, 46, a peasant farmer of Kayuni village in Monze district for trafficking in 7.42 kg of loose cannabis, Conwell Chiko, 32 of Magoye town in Mazabuka for trafficking in 6.32 kg of loose cannabis and Henry Mwakilama, 23, a shopkeeper of House No. A38 Malota Compound in Livingstone for trafficking in loose cannabis weighing 3.1 kg.


Ms. Katongo said all suspects will appear in court soon.


Meanwhile, the Kapiri magistrate’s court has convicted a Lusaka businessman and sentenced him to 17 days simple imprisonment and subsequently fined him K2, 000 for trafficking in miraa.


Simon Mwangulu, 40, of plot number 348 Kamwala area in Lusaka was arrested on 11th October, 2014 by DEC for trafficking in 302 bundles of miraa weighing 113.25 kg.


Ms. Katongo disclosed that the vehicle, a Toyota Regius that was impounded upon his arrest has since been forfeited to the state.


And in North-Western province, the Zambezi subordinate court has convicted Kayombo Muchinyi, 23, a bricklayer of Chiyeke area in Chavuma district and his 17 year-old wife and sentenced them to five years imprisonment with hard labor for unlawful cultivation of cannabis weighing 725 kg.


Ms. Katongo said the duo was apprehended on 29th September, 2014 by the Commission.