Luangwa youth in describe Sata a great man

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——The Youth in Luangwa district have described late President Michael Sata as a great man of action who used his position to bring development to rural communities.

Speaking after watching the arrival of President Sata’s body on Saturday
 at Feira Day Secondary School where the ZANIS Office and the District Administration mounted a big screen, the youth, who shed tears openly, said the late President was indeed a man of action who had love for the country and the poor.

Kennedy Mwewa and Kelvin Tapiseni aged 36 and 30 respectively said the youth in Luangwa district join the rest of the country in
mourning the great man who has brought development to almost all parts of the country.

Kennedy and Kelvin said Luangwa district has seen a lot of development in the two years and some months that the PF government,
under the leadership of the late President Sata, has been in power.

They said many youths in the district did not expect to step there foot on a tarred road but immediately the PF Government come into
power under President Sata the Luangwa D145 main road has been improved to bituminous standard.

The two youths added that the improving of the Luangwa D145 main road to bituminous standard will enhance development in the district as it
is already being observed by a cross section of people in the area.

Kennedy said a lot of youth have benefited from the projects that the late President initiated in the district as a number of them
find some employment in these projects.

He added that the improving of the Luangwa D145 main road has created some employment for majority of the youth and the other
projects where the youth have benefited is the connection of the district to the National Electricity Grid.

He said in the connection of the district to the National Electricity Grid, a lot of youths have been engaged in putting up poles and also
construction of the sub- station at Chitope sub Boma.

Kelvin said the PF government, under the able leadership of President Sata through the National Youth Development Council (NYDC), will soon turn the former INDECO building in the district into a Youth Skills Training Centre which has been a cry for most youth in the area.

The youth in Luangwa have appealed to Politians that want to be President of this country to emulate the late President Sata who had a
vision for the country.