Father loses custody of defiled child

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A 28-YEAR-OLD man of Kanyama township lost custody of his eight-year-old child to his mother-in-law after the minor was defiled whilst in his custody.
This was heard in the Lusaka Boma Court in a case in which Zawad Mwanza was sued by his mother- in-law Bupe  Mwansa for custody of her granddaughter.
The matter was before senior court magistrates Juliet Mwila and Prudence Mulenga.
Mwanza told the court that the minor confirmed having been defiled by a man who spent a night at her father’s place.  The man was asked to spend a night before proceeding with his journey.
“I saw that my daughter was not walking properly and I suspected she had been defiled. I suspected my brother-in-law’s brother to have defiled her because he was the one who had remained with the child,” he stated.
Mwanza who later reported the matter to the police however said he cannot allow his mother in-law to take custody of his child because she usually goes out for a month on business trips.
“I’m scared to give my mother in-law custody of my child because she told me that she was also once sexually abused,” he said.
But Mwansa, who created a somber mood in the courtroom, blamed her son-in-law for allowing her grand-daughter to be defiled because he denied her custody.
“I have been pleading with my son-in-law to allow me have custody of my grand-daughter because I knew that he cannot take very good care of her or even protecting her from what happened,” she said whilst sobbing.
In passing judgment, the court granted Mwansa custody of her granddaughter.
“You have clearly told the court that you are not married and that the child remains home alone that is why a stranger defiled her, “the court told Mwanza.
The court advised Mwanza to take care of the child’s welfare including the other one aged a year and seven months and already being taken care of by Mwansa.


Zambia Daily Mail