UNZA Students mourns Sata

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—University of Zambia (UNZA) students say they will miss the late President Michael Sata for championing massive development in the education sector.


And scores of UNZA students lined up along Great East Road and walk-over-bridge to catch a glimpse of Mr Sata’s casket.


Chikondi Mwanza, an engineering student at the institution, said Mr Sata will be deeply missed by the student populous for the construction of high institutions of learning as well as secondary schools countrywide.


Mwanza said Mr Sata’s passing on was a big blow to the education sector, further stating that the students had been looking forward to seeing his promise of building more bed spaces according to his pronouncement when he opened the Fourth Session of the Eleventh National Assembly.


And another student of Public Administration, Charles Muchindu, has called for continuity of Mr Sata’s legacy.


Muchindu said Mr Sata was a patriot whose vision was to bring development for the benefit of the people of Zambia.


He said Mr Sata should be mourned with dignity because it is during his reign that development in Zambia has reached even the remotest parts of the country.


And scores of UNZA students sang solemn songs as they lined up along the Great East Road to welcome the body of Mr Sata en-route to Mulungushi International Conference centre.


When the casket, which was covered in a Zambian Flag and mounted on the military Gun Carriage passed by, the students broke into wailing.