Let’s respect Sata-Kambwili

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Youths and Sports minister Chishimba Kabwili says causing violence when the country is mourning will be tantamount to insulting the late President Michael Sata.


Mr Kabwili said the late President should be mourned in honour and dignity further stating that championing violence will be diverting from Mr Sata’s legacy .


Mr Kambwili said Mr Sata’s vision was to offer a service to the Zambian people and that his political career was not for personal gains.


He said it is unfortunate that a gallant leader has passed on before he could execute his plans.


Mr Kambwili said it will be very difficult for PF to replace Mr Sata aand called on party officials to unite.


“This not the time for small clashes, because it is unfortunate that we have lost a man who had rare characteristics of loving the poor,” Kambwili said