‘I can’t marry her’

Divorce Court

A MAN has told the Matero local court that he can not marry a woman he impregnated because he is not ready for marriage.
Philip Mulenga, 30, said he could not be forced to marry Nawa Nyambe’s daughter he impregnated because he was not to do so.
This was a case in which Nyambe, 50, sued Mulenga for compensation for damages after he refused to marry his daughter after impregnating her.
Nyambe told the court that his daughter was impregnated by Mulenga but the defendant had refused to marry her or accept responsibility.
He claimed before the court that her daughter had stopped eating from the time she became pregnant, hence the decision to force Mulenga to marry her.
‘’I want him to marry my daughter so that he can be nursing his pregnancy and feed her because she has became so selective with food,’’ he said.

He told the court that no matter how Nyambe pressurised him, he would not do it unless he was ready for marriage.
Mulenga said he had visited Nyambe to talk about her daughter’s pregnancy but before they could start talking he was ordered to pay K1,000 which he did not agree.
‘’I wanted them to tell me the amount I was supposed to pay but before we could say anything they told me to pay K1,000 which I could only describe as a joke,” he said.
Magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Petronella Kalyelye ordered Mulenga to pay K3, 000 as compensation for damages which should be paid in monthly installments of K300.
Mr Mumba also advised Nyambe not to force Mulenga to marry his daughter because that could result into a failed marriage.

Times of Zambia


  1. Even that k3000 is little he was supposed to be charged more because he has finished her market