Sata was a patriot – Thornton

Sata speaks at St Ignatius Catholic Church in Lusaka
Sata speaks at St Ignatius Catholic Church in Lusaka

British High Commissioner to Zambia James Thornton says his government stands ready to help Zambia in any way it may be required with regards the repatriation of President Michael Sata’s remains.

Mr. Thornton has told Qfm News in a live broadcast interview this morning that the primes of responsibility of what should be done lies with the Zambian government.

He says the Zambian government has not yet approached the British government for this assistance, but that this morning he personally offered his country’s help to vice President Guy Scott and that he also expects that his colleagues in the UK will do the same thing to the Zambian mission in his country.

The British High Commissioner, who has offered his condolence to the country and family of the late republican president, has also described Mr. Sata as a determined individual with a strong character.

He says this strong character the late President had is what he also thinks made him dominate his government and thereby making him a commanding figure in the life of the nation.

Mr. James has further observed that under President Sata’s reign Zambia has seen continued and rapid economic growth and job creation.


He says he thinks that the people of Zambia will remember President Sata in many different ways given that he was controversial in some respects like any politician would be, but that he expects that Zambians will unity in mourning a man who had a vision for his country.

Mr. Thornton says he hopes that the people of Zambia will remember the late Mr. Sata as a patriot.

He says this is especially that the late Zambia president has a great presence in the country and played an important role in the life of the nation.

And UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond is saddened by the death of President Michael Sata.


In his message of condolences to the people of Zambia following the death of President Sata, Mr Hammond says President Sata played a commanding role in the public life of Zambia over three decades, as Governor of Lusaka, as the holder of several Ministerial positions in the 1990s, as the main Opposition leader, and finally as President.

Mr Hammond has since offered his condolences to President Sata’s family and to the Zambian people.




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