Winds blow off Chilonga school

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—–Strong winds have blown off the roof from a one-by-three classroom block at Chilonga Primary School in Keembe Ward in Chibombo district, Central Province.


Both Chibombo District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Maybin Luulu, and Keembe Ward Councillor, Kelvin Chikatula, have confirmed the incident to ZANIS in separate telephone interviews.


Mr Luulu said the roof was blown off from the classroom block on October 17, adding that he has since visited the institution to assess the situation.


He said currently, some pupils are learning from a church building in the community while others attend their classes from a temporary structure within the school premises.


The DEBS said education authorities in the area are doing everything possible to ensure that the new roof is put on the classroom block so that learning can be normalised at the school.


Meanwhile, Keembe Ward Councillor, Kelvin Chikatula, has appealed to government to also consider rehabilitating another one-by-three classroom block at the school whose roof was blown off last year.


Mr Chikatula said if rehabilitated, the classroom block will help to create enough learning space for the pupils.


He has also advised that rehabilitation works should be done as quickly as possible so that pupils can resume learning from the school before the rainy season.