SWASCo receives funding for water reticulation in Choma’s Chandamali

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—The Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWSC) Limited has received a grant of about K2.7 million from the Devolution Trust Fund (DTF) to connect water in about 2000 households of the low cost area of Chandamali Compound in Choma district.

The 12-month project which is expected to benefit more than 12,000 people is expected to commence as soon as soon the tendering process is concluded.

Southern Water Sewerage Company Corporate Affairs Manager, Laversage Mulinda, revealed the development in a statement made available to ZANIS in Choma today.


Mr Mulinda said the project will involve the laying of about 25 km of water supply network in Chandamali compound that will benefit 2000 households


He said connection of the compound to the water reticulation system is aimed at enhancing the livelihoods of the people who have for long time lacked piped water.


“Chandamali is among the low cost areas that do not have a proper water supply network and the project seeks to improve the quality of supply, increase hours of supply and coverage to the whole compound and ultimately improve quality of life among the residents by among other things, reducing the disease burden especially water borne related diseases”, he said.


Mr Mulinda said SWSCo will ensure that the meters are also installed in the area for people to pay according to their usage of water. 

“A total of 1900 meters will be installed in line with the company’s aspirations of ensuring that almost all connections should be metered as a way of reducing non-revenue water and also ensuring that customers pay for only what they use.

Mr Mulinda said the utility company was grateful to DTF which has funded various projects in the province including the K3.3 million projects being implemented in Dambwa Compound of Livingstone district.


He said  2000 automatic read meters are being installed  in the Dambwa metering project in Livingstone which will benefit about  14, 000 people.

Mr Mulinda said the company has also implemented phase one of the Libuyu Sanitation Project in Livingstone while preparations are under way for the implementation of phase two of the Libuyu sanitation project in Libuyu Compound which hitherto, had dilapidated sewer system.