Police arrest Banc ABC attempted robbers

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Police in Kasama have arrested four people for attempting to rob African Banking Corporation (Bank ABC) Kasama branch over the weekend.

Northern Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed the arrest to ZANIS in Kasama today  saying the four suspects are in police custody and include a security guard.

She revealed that three other suspects were on the run and that police would ensure  they are brought to book.

Ms. Katanga added that a bag containing sharp objects and explosives was recovered from the suspects.

She narrated that around 18:00hrs on Sunday, six men went to Banc ABC premises and tied the two security guards on duty and attempted to break-in.

The six suspects wanted to enter the Bank using the roof top but failed as the alarm went off, forcing them to flee the scene.

Ms. Katanga said police followed up the matter and managed to arrest three suspects that are in police custody.