Government commended for building a secondary school in Sikongo

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——Sikongo residents have commended government for building the first secondary school in the newly-created Sikongo district.

One of the residents, Simasiku Mununga, said the opening of the school in the district will help the children to complete school.

Mr Mununga noted that many children were failing to complete school due to long distances and lack of boarding schools in the area.

The newly-constructed Sikongo Secondary school is scheduled to be opened next year.

And Sikongo District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Sylvester Mukanda, says a teacher has been transferred to Nene Primary School to assist the head teacher who had remained alone after two other teachers at the school fell ill.

Mr Mukanda disclosed to ZANIS in Sikongo that the school was being manned by the head teacher after two of his teachers suffered from swollen legs.

He said the school now has two teachers though they are not enough to teache from grade one to seven.

Mr Mukanda added that his office was lobbying for some teachers to be sent to the learning institution.

Recently, there were complaints by some parents that their children were not learning at the school due to lack of teachers.