ECZ increases number of polling districts in Milenge

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–The DISTRICT Electoral Officer in Milenge, Caroline Mpande, says the need to adjust electoral boundaries is a priority to ensure that all the new districts have at least one constituency and to realign the boundaries of wards and constituencies that have been affected by the creation of new districts.

Ms Mpande said the Election Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has embarked on the process of delimitation of wards and polling districts throughout the country.

ZANIS reports that the Ms Mpande said this during a delimitation meeting with councillors and stakeholders in Milenge district yesterday.

She said the creation of more polling districts is aimed at reducing distances between polling stations, adding that it will be easy for electorates’ access polling stations.

She hoped that the delimitation of polling districts will result in the delivery of more electoral services.

Seven polling districts have been created, bring the total number of 33 polling districts in Milenge.

Ms Mpande, however, emphasised that the commission will only be able to effect the delimitation of new council wards after the Ministry of Local Government issues a Statutory Instrument to legalise the new wards in accordance with Section 9 (2) of the Local Government Act Cap 281.

Meanwhile, Ms Mpande, who is also Milenge Council Secretary, said the current delimitation exercise will not include the creation of more constituencies, adding that the current constitution only provides for 150 constituencies.

Ms Mpande said the commission conducted reviews of constituency boundaries in 2001 and 2005 which did not result in any changes to the number of constituencies.

She disclosed that the commission had made recommendations to the President to amend the constitution in order to increase the number of constituencies from the current 150 to 235 arising from the submissions received during the delimitation sittings of 2011.

The Republican President created 29 districts across the country, thereby increasing the number of districts to 103.