Zambian company to launch LPG kiosks

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Zambian company to launch LPG kiosks

Lusaka, October, 27, 2014, ZANIS—A Zambian company, First Icon Energy Corporation (FIECORP) is set to launch the first ever Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) kiosk in Zambia .

FIECORP chief executive officer Samson Muumba said the LPG will be launched this week on Friday  under the theme  “Zambia @ 50 energy mix and promoting LPG through better understanding”.

In a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Muumba explained that Liquified Petroleum (LP) gas is produced as a by-product at INDENI refinery in Ndola whose benefits have not been fully appreciated by the public.

Mr. Muumba revealed that according to statistics only 25 percent of the population had access to electricity while the rest depended on charcoal, kerosene, firewood and other forms of energy.

He noted that there has not been any major addition to the country’s electricity generation capacity in the last 20 to 30 years and that ZESCO as a national power provider was facing about 165 megawatts deficit during peak times.

And Mr. Muumba said that among the benefits of using LP gas was that it was clean flame, easy and quick start up unlike charcoal and firewood.

He noted that the demand for renewable energies has seen significant growth in the recent years as the market explores alternative sources of energy.

Mr. Muumba said that LPG is now considered, safe, reliable and as a viable option for conserving power and has encouraged the public to migrate for their cooking and water heating.

He added that doing so shall lessen pressure on electricity while ZESCO wais undertaking the development of various power projects.