PF cadres disrupt opposition MP’s speech at independence

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—Chitambo Member of Parliament, Mushili Malama, has implored residents of Chitambo to unite, be peaceful, love each other and avoid violence regardless of their political affiliation now that Zambia has attained 50 years.


Mr Malama was reacting to the behaviour by some Patriotic Front cadres who protested against his presence at the Independence Day celebrations on Friday, forcing him to leave the stage and denying him the opportunity to deliver his speech.

The cadres charged that they did not recognize Mr Malama as their area Member of Parliament, saying he does not visit their area and wanted him off the stage.

The MP, who is a member of the MMD, said the incident caused the mood at the event to become sad as the majority of the people were not pleased with the behaviour of the cadres.

“The mood at the event afterwards became very sad because everyone was not happy with the behaviour of the PF cadres,” he said.

Mr Malama said the day was meant to be celebrated in peace as it was a memorable event for Zambians countrywide.

He said it was unfortunate for the cadres to want to attack an elected Member of Parliament and urged the Chitambo District Patriotic Front treasurer, Chanda Mutale, to exercise peace and go through the ballot if he wants to win an election.

He alleged that the cadres were incited by Mr Mutale who has had intentions to be elected as area Member of Parliament.

“Chanda Mutale should know that in order to win an election you need to go through the ballot. You cannot win an election through violence that is a thing of the past. He should not pay people and buy them beers if he wants to win,” he said.

Mr malama said he came to the event with goodwill adding that he has a lot of respect for the District Commissioner, David Kaseba, who had invited him.

“The DC is a very good man and I respect him. I came because he invited me and I know he means well for the people of Chitambo,” he said.

And responding to the matter in a phone interview, Mr Mutale said he did not have a hand in what happened, adding that the cadres were only expressing their feelings and the MP should reflect on the demands the people were making.

“The people of Chitambo have a conscious and it is rare for them to behave in such a manner. I was surprised but they were only expressing how they feel so the MP should focus on addressing the people’s demands” he said.

And Kapiri PF member and ward treasure, David Musonda, who was also at the event, expressed displeasure at the behaviour of the cadres, saying they were denting the image of the party.

Mr Musonda said the event was meant to unite everyone regardless of their political affiliation, stressing that it was not a political gathering but a jubilee celebration.

He urged the Chitambo PF leaders to show leadership as the behaviour of the cadres reflected poor leadership in the party.

And a PF cadre and businessman, Elias Kate, equally expressed disappointment at the behaviour of the cadres and stressed the need to discipline all those that misbehaved at the event.

Mr Kate said despite the MP being in opposition he needs to be respected as he is the district’s representative in Parliament and his speech needed to be heard.