Luampa records unprecedented development

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Luampa District Commissioner Alfred Miyato says the area has seen  unprecedented meaningful development since Zambia became independent in 1964.

Speaking during independence celebrations in Luampa, Mr Miyato said the electrification of the district  was one of the unparalleled developments in the district.

"Our quest for greater prosperity is being enhanced by the unprecedented infrastructure development currently under way throughout the district," Mr Miyato said

He added that the rehabilitation of Luampa bridge and erection of mobile network towers have enhanced business activities in the district.

Mr Miyato has also commended the leadership of President Michael Sata for improving the health sector in the district that includes the planned construction of four rural health posts.

He asked Luampa residents to join the rest of the country to celebrate the climax of the golden jubilee by continuing to direct their efforts at maintaining unity and preserving Zambia as a unitary state in the spirit of the  One Zambia One Nation Motto.

He said government had awarded four freedom fighters from Luampa for their contribution towards  Zambia’s independence and the y included Amosi Mutaima, Mowati Kapata, Dick Muwawa and Wanky Limata.

Independence celebrations in Luampa were characterized by cultural performances from performed by various groups from the five common tribes of Luampa that include, Nkoya, Mbunda,  Luchazi, Luvale and Lozi as a sign of unity.