Macky II on the line

Macky2 – Zambia
Macky2 – Zambia

THERE is a big possibility that Macky II or rather Big Brother Africa Hotshots may just spoil the jubilee party for Zambia today when the eviction in the reality television gets underway.
Macky II may just follow the other Zambian housemate Resa in using the exit door to the Big Brother House, thereby marking an end for Zambia in the competition in which Cherise Makubale was the first winner back in 2003.
But he may just be lucky.
With five ladies having already departed Big Brother Hotshots after the first two evictions, three more are in danger of leaving this evening. They are Ellah (Uganda), Laveda (Tanzania) and M’am Bea (Ghana). They are up for eviction alongside Alusa (Kenya), JJ (Zimbabwe), Permithias (Namibia) and Zambia’s own Umupondo Macky II.
Last Sunday, Big Brother once more summoned the housemates to the diary room directly after the live eviction show, which had seen Lilian (Nigerian), Esther (Uganda) and Sabina (Tanzania) sent home.
With ‘Team B’ immune from nomination after their Extravaganza win – thanks to their Bollywood skills – the pressure was on for the other half of the house. Once all the housemates had had their say, Laveda led the nomination charge with 11 nods, followed by Nhlanhla (eight); Permithias (seven); JJ (four) and M’am Bea, Ellah and Alusa with three each.
Laveda drew the ire of her housemates because they generally feel that she is inconsiderate and conniving, with Sheillah nominating her on the back of the spat the two had, earlier in the week.
Nhlanhla’s ‘food smuggling’ seemed to be a major reason behind his nominations, while Permithias found himself in the firing line because some housemates felt he did not give his all in the Extravaganza task, while others think he is too much of a ‘player’.
Monday’s Head of House task was fiercely-contested with Big Brother narrowing the field by asking the housemates to guess how many jelly beans were in a jar, placed outside.
The five housemates who guessed closest to the correct answer – Nhlanhla, Sheillah, Ellah, Tayo and M’am Bea – qualified to fight it out for the week’s honours. The challenge, which saw the housemates retrieving coloured balls from a bowl with their mouths and dashing across the garden to fill a plastic tube, was eventually won by Nhlanhla – particularly fortuitous. as it rendered the nominations against him null and void.
After Big Brother revealed the nominationh results to the housemates on Monday evening, Nhlanhla was given the chance to influence proceedings by adding another housemate to the mix. Big Brother pressed him for an immediate answer – his instant choice being Macky2.
Voting opened immediately after that decision, and runs until today.
Any jubilee love for Nhlanhla!