— Govt calls for Patriotism for sustained prosperity

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Govt calls for Patriotism for sustained prosperity


Choma, October  25, 2014,  ZANIS…..GOVERMENT says patriotism is an important national virtue which all Zambians should embrace to ensure sustained prosperity.


Tourism  and Arts Minister Ms Jean Kapata says it was important for all Zambians should exhibit a spirit of selflessness, sacrifice, exceptional courage and patriotism to see the country move forward.




She said patriotism by all Zambians would ensure that the character of the country as a free, peaceful and democratic national is sustained for generations to come.



“We only have one country to which we should be patriotic. We must realise that without patriotism it will be difficult for us to achieve our national goals and objectives,” said Ms Kapata.



“Patriotism is an important national virtue which all Zambians must embrace and should be inculcated in our children for our great nation to attain even greater heights,” she added.



ZANIS reports that the minister said this during the Zambia’s 50 independence Golden Jubilee under the theme : “Commemorating God’s Favour of Zambia’s 50 Years of Independence for continued peace, Unity, Democracy and Prosperity.”




Ms Kapata observed that it was vital to emulate freedom fighters who she eulogized for exhibited a spirit of selflessness, courage, patriotism and sacrifice during the struggle for independence.



And Bank of Zambia Representative Mr. Muka Mandubeko said the bank issued a commemorative K50 note with portraits of all former and current presidents as part of the golden jubilee.



Mr. Mandubeko emphasized that the note was a legal tender but said it was in limited supply and was going to be used along side the old K50 note.




Mr. Mandubeko urged all Zambians to accept the new note a legal tender.