He didn’t want to be shaved, changed when he got employed

Criminal court
Criminal court

DESPITE many pleas by his wife to reconcile with him, a man of Chilenje South in Lusaka has refused, saying he has married another woman.
This was heard before senior Chilenje local court magistrate court Sylvia Kabunda in a case in which Agnes Tembo, 26, of Chelstone sued Fabian Mwansa, 31 for marriage reconciliation.
Tembo who has been married to Mwansa for eight months after the two co-habited for three years, said his behaviour towards her changed when he got employed.
“He never allowed me to shave him but he would always come home clean. He has not been supporting me and my two children I have from my previous relationship despite him promising doing so,” she said.
The court dismissed the claim as Mwansa refused to reconcile with his wife.
“Reconciliation cannot be done because Mwansa has married another woman,” Magistrate Kabunda said.


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