Choma resident calls for inclusive jubilee celebrations

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Choma resident calls for inclusive jubilee celebrations

Choma, Oct 21, 2014, ZANIS…A Choma based pharmacy consultant Mulenga Lwansa has called for  inclusive jubilee celebrations involving the less privileged people in society especially the children.

Mr Lwansa says the less privileged children should not be left out of the jubilee celebration if its significance was to be appreciated by the future generation.

He said First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda’s involvement of children in the after independence celebrations during his administration should be emulated as the country celebrates its Golden Jubilee.

“the children are less profiled, yet there are Zambians who need to begin appreciating Zambia’s independence now to preserve its significance 50 years from now”, he said

He said Dr Kaunda did not neglect the children in various independence anniversaries as he always hosted events were children received items at that time.

Mr Lwansa said it was sad that the less privileged Children on the streets are left out in most important national events which deprive them of their rights as Zambian citizens.

He however called on various individuals and organizations to come on board and support the less privileged children to feel part of the jubilee celebrations.

Mr Lwansa said he was organizing a jubilee celebration ceremony for the less privileged children of Choma district which will give the out of school children an opportunity to celebrate Zambia’s 50 years of independence.

He said various partners have come on board and offered contributions for food and drinks to feed about 100 children from different communities of Choma district tomorrow on October 22.

Zambia celebrates its golden Jubilee of independence on Friday October 24 under the theme celebrating God’s favour of 50 years of continued peace, unity and prosperity.