Failure to provide bursaries will haunt PF – UPND

UPND in Mpatamatu, Luanshya road show
Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) says the Patriotic Front will be haunted by its failure to provide bursaries to as many needy students as possible come 2016.

UPND Lusaka province youth Spokesperson Gilbert Liswaniso says the PF has failed to honor most of their promises made to youths in the country prior to the 2011 elections.

Mr. Liswaniso notes that the levels of unemployment in the country have continued to be high, with casual jobs being the only jobs available.

He adds that the failure by some youth groups to pay back the youth development fund is also a clear indication that the PF has failed to handle issues pertaining to the youths.

Mr. Liswaniso says if government was serious about the plight youths in the country, it would ensure that those that access the empowerment funds pay back without fail for others youths to benefit as well.

Mr. Liswaniso has advised the PF government to use its remaining years in power to address the needs of the young people in the country.

( Friday 17th October 2014 )



  1. The problem you always look on the negatives of PF not its positives. That is why some of us hate you and cannot even vote for you