Preps for Zengani traditional ceremony advanced

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—-Preparations for this year’s Zengani traditional ceremony for the Ngoni/Tumbuka-speaking people of Lundazi District in Eastern Province have reached an advanced stage.

Chairperson of the ceremony, Kachipapa Nyirenda, disclosed the development to ZANIS in Lundazi, saying this year’s Zengani traditional ceremony will take place on Saturday, October 18, 2014, at Emusa in Senior Magodi’s area.

Mr Nyirenda disclosed that Zengani means bringing together two tribes of the Ngoni and Tumbuka speaking people of Lundazi district and, therefore, the ceremony simply promotes unity and harmony.

He explained that  during the ceremony people are expected to be entertained  to various traditional dances like Ingoma, Vimbuza, Muganda, Chiwonda, Nkhonyo, Fwemba and Nyau among others.

He further disclosed that Senior Chief Magodi has since invited the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, Nkhandu Luo, to come and grace the ceremony.

Mr Nyirenda said other invited traditional leaders include, chiefs Phikamalaza, Mphamba, Kapichila, Mwasemphangwe, Katumba, Mnukwa, Madzimawe, Nzamane, Mbango’ombe, Kathumba and Mshawa.