Civil servants in Kalabo district urged to market the Barotse plains

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National Heritage and Conservation Commission Director Collins Chipote has called on government departments in Kalabo to help in marketing the Barotse Flood Plains to gain the needed international recognition.


Mr Chipote noted that Zambia only has one recognized international heritage site, The Victoria Falls adding that the Commission saw it fit to inscribe the Barotse flood plains to the world heritage list for recognition because of its unique cultural heritage.


Once the Barotse flood plains are recognized on the list of world heritage sites, Zambia is bound to boost her economic activities through tourism and job creation.


Mr Chipote was speaking in Kalabo yesterday at the Civic Centre during a one day Barotse flood plains awareness meeting for heads of government departments organized by the National Heritage Conservation Commission.


He also implored local people to take advantage of the opportunities through the influx of tourists once the site is recognized.


“Once all is well I would like local people to be creative and capture every entrepreneurial aspect and use it to turn around their lives for the better, ” Mr Chipote said.


Mr Chipote further said the commission had lined up a number of activities aimed at marketing the place to local people so that they could appreciate the efforts.