Barotse landscape to enter World heritage site List

A woman kills a water monitor lizard while clearing weeds with machetes on the Barotse flood plain, Zambia, on 18 November 2012
A woman kills a water monitor lizard while clearing weeds with machetes on the Barotse flood plain, Zambia, on 18 November 2012

National Heritage Conservation Commission Regional Director Kagosi Mwamulowe says the Barotse Plains is unique hence it deserves to be on the list of World Heritage Sites.

Mr. Mwamulowe said the Barotse Plains deserves to be included on the World Heritage sites because it has a rich cultural heritage which includes burial sites of former Kings which must be passed on from one generation to the other.


The Director who was speaking during the Barotse Cultural Landscape awareness meeting for Heads of Departments in Nalolo and Limulunga districts said he hoped that the landscape will be declared as a heritage site next year in June.

Mr. Mwamulowe said it was important to conserve Zambia’s unique culture for education and entertainment.

Speaking at the same meeting, Chief Natural Heritage Officer Muyumbwa Ndiyoi said there will be a lot of benefits when the Barotse Landscape is declared a World Heritage Site because it will attract many tourists and business ventures will increase.

Mr. Ndiyoi said the site will also benefit young people as knowledge will be passed from one generation to the other.

He was reacting to a question from Nalolo District Labour Officer Jason Ngoma who wanted to know what the people of Western Province will benefit once the Barotse Landscape is declared as a World Heritage site.

And University of Zambia Lecturer Charles Namate said there was need for the site to be included on the World Heritage Site because 50 years after Independence Zambia only has one heritage site which is the Victoria Falls.

Professor Namate said the Barotse territory was facing a lot of environmental degradation hence the need to recognize the heritage which is the value of landscape and memories of departed kings.


The National Heritage Conservation Commission in conjunction with the Ministry of Chiefs and Eraditional Affairs are in Western Province to hold sensitization meetings with Heads of Government Departments and stakeholders.

The Commission also held closed door meetings with the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II of the Baroste Royal Establishment.


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