Game Stores employee testifies in Palan’s case

Game Stores Zambia general manager Maduramuthoo Mare Palan
Game Stores Zambia general manager Maduramuthoo Mare Palan

A GAME Stores Zambia employee yesterday told the court how her former workmate approached her for assistance because she could no longer put up with boss Maduramuthoo Mare Palan’s sexual abuse.
Reko Shula, 36 a Stores Controller said Mukamuluti Mwila in July this year approached her to complain that Palan, the Game Stores Manager, had been wanting to have sex with her and that she could not take it no more.

Ms Mwila complained to her that Palan had wanted to have sex with her and that he was also mentally abusing her.
Palan is facing charges of indecent assault and sexual harassment which happened between June 1, 2013 and July 31 2014.
Ms Shula told principal magistrate Aridah Chulu that towards the end of July this year, a teary Ms Mwila approached her seeking help over the alleged unbearable sexual advances by their boss.

Ms Mwila told her that Palan was abusing her by wanting to have sex with her for a long time and after refusing, he had been pushing her to work on days when she was not supposed to work.
Ms Shula then accompanied Ms Mwila to the Union leadership where she lodged a complaint about what she alleged had happened to her but the Union officials asked her to put the complaint in writing.

In cross examination by Palan ‘s defence lawyers Eric Silwamba and Lubinda Linyama, Ms Shula admitted that she did not personally witness the alleged sexual abuse.
Ms Mwila had earlier told the court that Palan shouted at her after she turned down his sexual advances.


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