IAZ committed to provide insurance services to Zambians

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The Insurance Association of Zambia has said insurance companies were committed to ensuring that many Zambians have access to insurance services in the country.

Association president Chipango Mutelo said a strong insurance sector was good for the development of the country.

Mr. Mutelo said this today during a media briefing to commemoration the 2014 insurance week in Lusaka.

He noted that government has been very receptive to the company’s messages on increasing the insurance penetration in the country.

He further thanked government for its open door policy on encouraging the growth of the insurance sector in Zambia.

And Pension and Insurance Authority Registrar Martin Lubinga has assured the public that those who buy insurance were protected.

Mr. Lubinga urged insurance companies that have issues with the way their insurance has been handled to seek the services of his authority.

He stated that customers receive value for money by getting products that they do not only understand but also be able to meet their financial needs.

He said evidence from many parts of the world indicates that when more people have access to services such as affordable insurance, secure savings and appropriate forms of credit.