Govt. working hard to address medical supplies shortage

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Government has assured health institutions that are facing a shortage of medical equipment and other essential supplies in Zambia that it was doubling its efforts to address the problem.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Emerine Kabanshi urged health personnel experiencing shortages of medical facilities to report to Lusaka district medical office.

Ms. Kabanshi has since appealed to the health personnel in charge of ordering such equipment and supplies to ensure that they make their order quickly.

Meanwhile, the Minister has disputed reports that Kanyama clinic in Lusaka is facing a shortage of intravenous fluid (drips).

She explained that Lusaka‘s Matero, Chawama and Kanyama clinics have all the needed supplies because Medical Stores Limited deliver such requirements directly to clinics.

Ms. Kabanshi added that the reports of shortage of intravenous fluid at the mentioned health centre are false.

Recently, there was a report that residents of Kanyama in Lusaka were appealing to the relevant authorities to quickly address the shortage of intravenous fluid.

And the Zambia Medical Association confirmed receiving reports of shortages of essential medical supplies at Kanyama clinic and other health centres in the country.

Association president Aaron Mujajati said government and other stakeholders should however work together to address shortages of essential medical supplies in health institutions.